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Business class

A type of flight that is more expensive and has About Us better conditions than economy class, or the part of a plane where people who have booked this type of trip sit – most special offers on flights are only for business class.

Economy class

Economy class is another term for the main cabin of the aircraft as opposed to first class cabins such as business class and first class. Sometimes called a bus class, economy class generally makes up the majority of seats on a flight. It is the simplest class with the fewest facilities.

First Class

The best, best, or highest class, grade, or rank. the most expensive and luxurious kind of accommodation on trains, ships, planes, etc. (in the US Postal Service) The class of mail that consists of letters, postcards, or the like, together with all sealed mailing packages against inspection.

Travels classes

One class of travel is the quality of accommodation on public transport. The accommodation can, for example, be a seat or a cabin. Superior travel classes are designed

Types of flight classes

Airlines traditionally have three classes of travel, First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. Depending on the cabin configuration, it determines how many classes of service are offered.


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